Name: Remington Steele (alias – real name was never revealed) Type of Detective: Pseudo private detective First Appeared: 1982 Memorable Phrase: Too many to name – Steele had a knack for quoting famous movies Remington Steele was a television series READ MORE

Name: J.J. “Jake” Gittes Location: Los Angeles Type of Detective: Divorce Investigator First appeared: 1974 Memorable Phrase: “Infidelity made me what I am today.” J.J. “Jake” Gittes is the protagonist in Roman Polanski (Director) and Robert Towne (Screenwriter)’s heralded film-noir READ MORE

Like all technologies, surveillance tools and techniques are rapidly evolving. As they do, it becomes increasingly interesting to examine the ways we are being watched (or occasionally in our case – watching), and the ethics behind it all. A recent Wall READ MORE

Name: Adrian Monk Type of Detective: Homocide Detective First Appeared: July 2002 Memorable Phrase: “Here’s what happened…” Adrian Monk, played by Tony Shalhoub, is the titular character for the USA Network series Monk that debuted in July 2002. Monk is READ MORE

A new video game is hitting the market this May: Team Bondi and Rockstar Games’ (although not our local Vancouver office, as they are hard at work on Max Payne 3) - LA Noire. The game is set in 1947 Los READ MORE

Names: Detectives Chris Lecce & Bill Reimers Location: Seattle, WA Type of Detective: Surveillance Investigators First Appeared: 1987 Memorable Phrase: “Stick ‘em!” In the box-office topping 1987 movie Stakeout, Chris Lecce and Bill Reimers are  a pair of buddy cops READ MORE

Name: Thomas Sullivan Magnum IV Location: Honolulu, Hawaii Type of Detective: Private Investigator & Naval Intelligence First Appeared: 1980 Memorable Phrase: “Is that a fact?” Thomas Magnum was the titular character of Magnum PI, a television series which ran on READ MORE

City Room is a NY Times blog that takes a look through the eyes of the NYPD each Thursday. Today, the blog leads a very interesting investigation into the very world of investigating – and how much the work of READ MORE

Private investigators receive a wide variety of cases. Some are run of the mill, others are more unexpected. As piracy and illegal downloading has become increasingly prevalent in recent years, certain parties have begun to think up ways to deter READ MORE

Name: Jane Marple (Miss Marple) Location: St. Mary Mead, England Type of Detective: Amateur First Appeared: 1927 Memorable Phrase: “Well isn’t that something” Miss Marple, and gentle yet sharp-minded British spinster and amateur detective, was the creation of famed crime READ MORE