Famous Friday: Sherlock Holmes December , 2010

The hat and pipe are now synonymous with Sherlock's character

Each Friday we’ll be profiling a famous detective from throughout history. We start with one of the most famous Private Investigators of all time!

Name: Sherlock Holmes
Location: London, England
Type of Detective: Private
First Appeared: 1887
Memorable Phrase: “Elementary, my dear Watson!”

Created by Scottish author and physician, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Detective Sherlock Holmes is arguably one of the most famous fictional private investigators in history. Known for his dispassionate, cold, and calculated attitude, Sherlock Holmes fascinates readers and television viewers alike with his astute, logical intelligence that solves even the most complex of crimes. His bohemian lifestyle and curious personal habits were originally documented by his trusty sidekick Dr. John H. Watson, who worked with him at their private detective agency at 221B Baker Street, London.

After featuring in four novels and 56 short stories, the story of Holmes was recently reinvented in the 2009 Hollywood hit starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. In addition, the BBC’s recently launched “Sherlock” puts a contemporary spin on the tales and documents our hero investigating a variety of crimes with the aid of modern technology. Each adaptation of the thrilling undercover adventures focuses on Holmes’ unparalleled attention to detail, his ability to take on almost any disguise, and his encyclopedic scientific expertise: a combination that leads to his well-known exclamation of “Elementary, my dear Watson!”

Over the course of this series we’ll be profiling some of the different incarnations of this forensic genius, dissecting their various strengths and weaknesses. Stay tuned!

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