Famous Fridays: Adrian Monk April , 2011

Name: Adrian Monk

Type of Detective: Homocide Detective

First Appeared: July 2002

Memorable Phrase: “Here’s what happened…”

Adrian Monk, played by Tony Shalhoub, is the titular character for the USA Network series Monk that debuted in July 2002. Monk is an ex-homocide detective, surveillance investigator and consultant for the San Francisco Police Department who is loosely base on the likeness of Inspector Clouseau and somewhat defined by his extreme obsessive-compulsive disorder, which includes over 300 fears. His assorted phobias tend to complicate the process of executing murder investigations, and his colleagues are often frustrated by his unusual behaviour.

However, it is his keen observational sense and insight that allow him to make connections in cases that others tend to overlook. His entire life, Monk has been well-known for his ability to make inferences and understand patterns and trends much better than his co-investigators or peers. A large part of Monk’s plot is based around his wife Trudy’s murder, which occurred in 1997. He makes it his mission to uncover the truth behind her untimely death.

Though set in the San Francisco Bay Area, Monk’s pilot was filmed in Lanki’s own hometown of Vancouver, BC, and the remainder of the series was shot in both Toronto, ON and Los Angeles. The series aired for a total of eight seasons, ending in 2009. It also holds the record for the most watched scripted drama episode in cable television history, with 9.4 million viewers.

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