Famous Fridays: Remington Steele April , 2011

Name: Remington Steele (alias – real name was never revealed)

Type of Detective: Pseudo private detective

First Appeared: 1982

Memorable Phrase: Too many to name – Steele had a knack for quoting famous movies

Remington Steele was a television series that aired on NBC from 1982-1987 starring Stephanie Zimbalist and Pierce Brosnan in the lead roles of Laura Holt and Remington Steele. However, Steele was a name that Zimbalist’s character Laura Holt came up with – his real name was never known.

Holt is the only authentic private eye in the series, but quickly discovered that being a woman made her less desirable as an investigator. She decides to hire a male superior counterpart (Brosnan) to act on her behalf and names him Remington Steele.

Steele has a slick, suave demeanor and a mysterious background. It was not a secret that he was involved in shady activity before Holt took him on, and it is this mysterious background that adds to his allure. Steele is also handsome and extremely charming, which contributes to the buildup of chemistry between the two and the romantic comedy elements that transpire throughout the series.

Steele struggled with his newfound role in the beginning, but soon discovered ways to manage his lack of detective skill – plotlines generally had Holt doing the dirty detective work, and Steele taking the credit.

Remington Steele ran until 1987, when it ended in a series of two hour made for television movies.

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