Famous Fridays: The Investigators from Stakeout April , 2011

Names: Detectives Chris Lecce & Bill Reimers
Location: Seattle, WA
Type of Detective: Surveillance Investigators
First Appeared: 1987
Memorable Phrase: “Stick ‘em!”

In the box-office topping 1987 movie Stakeout, Chris Lecce and Bill Reimers are  a pair of buddy cops on a surveillance investigation in Seattle.   Played by Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez (both sporting some outstandingly 80’s mustaches), the pair are tasked with observing and tracking the ex-girlfriend of a recently escaped convict (naturally, one winds up falling in love with the woman).

These two actors have fantastic onscreen chemistry and engage in a hysterical battle of wits and wills throughout the film. Their largest battle stems from Lecce’s romantic interest in Maria, the leading lady they are staking out.

The climax of the movie is, of course, an action-packed chase that takes them barreling through the very recognizable streets of Vancouver  (like many dozens of Seattle-based films, this one was filmed almost entirely in Lanki’s hometown of Vancouver).

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