Famous Fridays: Thomas Magnum March , 2011

Name: Thomas Sullivan Magnum IV
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Type of Detective: Private Investigator & Naval Intelligence
First Appeared: 1980
Memorable Phrase: “Is that a fact?”

Thomas Magnum was the titular character of Magnum PI, a television series which ran on CBS from 1980-1988. His low-key demeanor, laid back attitude and masculine charm made him a welcome attraction on evening television – especially for the ladies. Apparently even having an ultra-masculine name was a requirement.

Magnum was certainly an everyman, an avid sports fan who listened to rock music, drank seemingly limitless beer and came and went as he pleased around his island paradise. He had the privilege of living in the Hawaii mansion of a celebrity author who, in turn for Magnum’s quality control of the estate security, allowed him unlimited access and use of his shiny new Ferrari.

As far as his line of work, ex-Navy Officer Magnum worked solving crimes when he wanted, often penniless but nevertheless enjoying a relaxed and never hurried island lifestyle. He was perhaps known best for his uniform, which consisted of khaki shorts, and aloha shirt and sockless boat shoes, often completing his look with a battered baseball cap. Oh, and who could forget that famed moustache??

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