A Virtual Journey into 1940s Murder Investigation April , 2011

A new video game is hitting the market this May: Team Bondi and Rockstar Games’ (although not our local Vancouver office, as they are hard at work on Max Payne 3) - LA Noire. The game is set in 1947 Los Angeles and will offer players a variety of murder mystery challenges with plot elements that have a likeness to detective films of the 1940s – a circle of corruption and drugs set to a classical jazz soundtrack.

The game, first ever to be included in the Tribeca Film Festival, also stars a familiar voice: that of Mad Men’s Aaron Staton (aka Ken Cosgrove), who lends his speech to main character Cole Phelps. Playing as Cole, gamers will have utilize a variety of private investigation skills, including surveillance, interviewing, forensics, and evidence gathering to solve a series of crimes.

Here is some in-game footage of the investigative techniques featured in LA Noire, looking to appeal to the less shooting, more talking mentality of the gamer world, as well as the detective in all of us. Enjoy.

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