Calling All Piracy Surveillance Investigators! March , 2011

Private investigators receive a wide variety of cases. Some are run of the mill, others are more unexpected. As piracy and illegal downloading has become increasingly prevalent in recent years, certain parties have begun to think up ways to deter this type of criminal activity.

Recently, we came across a Crunchgear article that discusses a very interesting Craigslist San Antonio ad calling for “Piracy Surveillance Investigators”. Apparently, the illegal broadcasting of pay-per-view events was becoming a significant issue in the area, and extra help was being sought to track down the culprits.

We thought it was an interesting illustration of the some of the quirky work that can be asked of private investigators. Rest assured however, that any and all cases taken on by Lanki Investigations will be worked on entirely by our team of dedicated and trained professionals – we won’t be turning to Craigslist for new recruits anytime soon!

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