Detective Stories January , 2011

Radiolab broadcasts investigative, illuminating shows from New York’s National Public Radio. Each episode features stories, interviews, and expert opinions that delve into a particular topic -with a twist! During their second season, the show featured a fascinating episode about ‘Detective Stories’.

In this episode, hosts Rob Krulwich and Jad Abumrad guide listeners through the exploration of three ‘mysteries’ and various forms of corresponding investigation. The first involves forensic analysis of a ancient Egyptian garbage heap that results in some startling discoveries, the second is about a box of letters found on the side of a highway that ignites a decade-long, cross-country search for the mysterious author, and the third involves a wild statistical anomaly that links 16 million central Asian men back to a single ancestor who was roaming the area around 1200AD (who is ultimately hypothesized to be none other than Genghis Khan).

While Lanki Investigations provides somewhat different services to the geological and genealogical detective work explored on the show – primarily litigation support, insurance claim checks, corporate investigation, and surveillance – we certainly enjoyed listening to the show to hearing these stories of our fellow professional investigators!

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