Police Bees February , 2011

Have you ever heard of police bees? No, probably not. It seems to be a generally unknown concept that the pollen being returned from a bee’s trip to a garden or specific plant could yield criminal charges. But it can – and the process is called forensic palynology (ie: pollen forensics).

The following article talks about a project undertaken by Londoner Thomas Thwaites and commissioned by the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council in conjunction with England’s Department of Security and Crime Sciences. Although pollen forensics are currently being used in the UK to some extent, Thwaite’s project centres itself on the idea of police bees in particular and is yet to gain formidable support from the law enforcement industry.

The idea may seem far-fetched now, but is very interesting nonetheless and certainly one to watch – especially for investigators who are always looking for new crime-solving aids!

Read the article here: Police bees for surveillance, tracking and buzzzsting biohackers?

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