The Murder Club March , 2011

On the third Tuesday of each month, a collective of forensic specialists, homicide investigators and the like gather in a downtown Philadelphia building to dine on a fancy feast and discuss murder. It is a work meeting, and this group represents some of the best detective brains in America.

The Vidocq Society was formed in 1990 by three crime solvers who saw an opportunity to provide further assistance on unsolved murder cases, of which there are approximately 100,000 outstanding in the United States today. The society was named after the “father” of modern detective work, Eugene Francois Vidocq, and maintains a quota of 82 members.

Since its inception, the Vidocq Society has been credited with solving over 300 murder cases that have gone cold over the last two decades.

Recently, Ed Pilkington from The Guardian had the chance to sit in on one of these groundbreaking luncheons. Read his report here.

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